5 features you didn't know TabTill can do

5 features you didnThe evolution of the tablet market does not seem to be slowing down and it is affecting various industries where innovation and competition is struggling to catch up. Travellers are now taking their own tablets on planes to catch up on their favourite series, rather than using the outdated flight entertainment system. A Filofax may still be an elegant gift, however, Evernote now has more users than Filofax ever dreamt of and when you can use virtual reality to view your chosen artwork on your own bedroom wall using your tablet, you have just fired another interior designer.


When there is such a variety of uses for your personal device, what would stop one doing business with it? Remember your good old fashioned heavy and bulky cash register that still couldn't tell you which products you were running out of? How did you organise a promotion in store, so all of your cashiers knew which product you want to push on a given day?


Turn your tablet into your Point of Sale solution, work less and do more! With TabTill, you can set up product promotions via your back office when you are on the move, even on your smartphone while stuck in traffic. Set up a discount for a limited period if you want to get rid of stocks or just want to introduce a new product. These promos will appear highlighted on the screen of your tablet, making your clearance or push easier for your cashiers.


You can also use TabTill's built in messenger service to communicate with your cashiers, so you can save yourself 15 minutes, skipping the morning brief.


If you are just starting up your business in your kitchen, why not use the Mail Order feature, so you can take orders over the phone, send out email receipts, collect customer details, print address labels, package your product and let your customers know that their order is on its way. When you start getting regular clients, why not reward them with a gift card or a coupon via email to increase loyalty?


Do you sell products by weight or size? Use TabTill's Quick Sale mode, where you can set a unit price to each of your categories and bill your customers accordingly.


If you calculate your employee's wages by the hours, just ask them to login to TabTill when they start their shift and again when they finish, so TabTill can calculate the hours worked for the day, week or month.


Alternatively, you can always go for a bespoke £3000 touch screen till based on a 12 year old hardware and software, just don't forget to ask for the 200 page set up guide and a minivan to transport it to your shop.


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Product catalogue

TabTill product catalogueOrganise your products in categories where a single sale can be completed in only three steps.

Fractional sales

TabTill fractional salesSell your products by weight or size, or calculate your fees for services by unit price.

Tab system

TabTill tab systemSave your sales for a later payment and send orders to your kitchen printer with notes attached. Ideal for bars and restaurants.

Barcode database

TabTill barcode databaseAdd new products to your catalogue by only scanning or entering their barcode and TabTill will find the details for you.

Mobile payments

Mobile paymentsLet your customers pay you instantly via PayPal in seconds using only their mobile phones.

Mail order

Mail orderTake orders over the phone or in person for delivery or collection later, collect customer data and increase their spenditure.

Gift cards & coupons

TabTill gift cards and couponsIssue and accept gift cards and coupons, then view statistics to further improve customer loyalty.

Reporting tools

TabTill reporting toolsView statistics of your sales, stocks, discounts, extra charges and campaigns and check on what your cashiers are up to.

Product campaigns

TabTill product campaignsDiscount your products for a limited time, view sales statistics, pause and restart their campaigns.


Mail orderUnlimited number of products, categories, cashiers and customers. Issue and accept as many coupons and gift cards as you wish.

Works offline

TabTill works offline tooTabTill's cloud based autosynch system will never stop you doing business when you are offline.

Extra charges

TabTill extra chargesSet up your service charge, add extra charges and variants, apply one-off discounts or take split payments.

Customize TabTill

Customize TabTillAdd your company logo, promotional image, current offers, opening times and returns policy to your email or paper receipts.

Manage your cashiers

TabTill cashier managementView your cashiers' working hours and calculate their wages. Add priviliges and use TabTill messenger to communicate.

Cash drawers

TabTill cash drawersUse TabTill with almost any receipt or network printer and connecting cash drawer. All barcode readers are welcome too.

Free version

TabTill free version The free version provides all the tools and features and is limited to process 100 transactions.

Pro version

TabTill pro version All features are available with no limitations, free updates for life and it costs only £19.99 a month.

PayPal in store mobile payments

You can now accept payments via PayPal in your store. Any of your customers with an Android or iOS phone can use their PayPal app to check in your store and make payments simply and easily, allowing you to process your sales faster and more securely.

When your customer is ready to pay, their PayPal profile picture will appear on TabTill's screen, making it a seamless and more personal transaction between you and your customer. Just confirm their name, the amount to pay and tap on the 'Take Payment' button. That is it, and your funds will appear on your account in seconds. more info